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igps design


Online marketing is the fastest growing, cost efficient, and effective marketing medium in the 21st century. It is globalized with most reach, automated and enhanced with analytical tools, rich with all sort of media, targeted, time oriented, monitored, and measurable.

Online marketing covers, search engines, public sharing sites, social networks, and mobile applications. Each online medium is defined by it's own terms and conditions, sets of objectives, goals, targets, reach, functionality and analytical tools.

The very basic of online marketing is to be shown in search results. This can be achieved via direct listing by having your website registered under search engines, or indirect listing by having an account in a registered platform such as social media networks or public sharing sites like YouTube. Keeping in mind the difference in potentials and strategic ownership.

igps online marketing

Google is the leading online search engine with marketing market share of $39.92 billion in 2018

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